Vindhya Cultural Association (VCA) is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Columbus, Ohio.

Our mission is to promote Indian music and arts, especially among the younger generation. Passion for music and arts is the only thread that binds the VCA community. There are no boundaries with regards to region, language, religion, or culture.

Our success has only been possible due to strong community support, which includes all of you. We sincerely thank Vindhya's patrons, esteemed teachers, participants, dedicated volunteers and generous sponsors!

Vindhya Cultural Association invites you to our

10th Annual Diwali Dance Showcase and Art Exhibition!

Watch the event here!

Vindhya Events

Since 2014, VCA has encouraged kids to expand their exposure to Indian music and culture by being a member of a band or karaoke team every February.

Since 1984, VCA has continued the tradition of performing pancharatna kritis and community tribute (aradhana) to the saints Thyagaraja and Purandara Dasa every May.

Since 2019, VCA has provided a platform to pay a tribute to all of the composers of Indian classical music every September.

Since 2011, VCA has supported amateur dancers in showcasing their skills in Indian classical and folk dance forms every October.

Since 2019, VCA has fostered an avenue for kids to demonstrate their skills in Indian classical music every November.

Since 2013, VCA has given children the opportunity to express their creativity through an art competition every May and an art exhibition in October and February.

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Vindhya Cultural Association depends on your support to organize our events and provide a stage for our youth to showcase their talents. Community support is crucial for encouraging young artists in classical music and arts.

Your contributions, donations, and sponsorships are the only source of income for our events. Please consider donating based on your budget, as no amount is too small. As VCA is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3), your donations are eligible for tax exemption.

If you choose to donate by other means, please send an email to, so that we can make alternate arrangements.

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